Why Dirt?

There was a bowl of dirt on the communion table on Sunday.  It was there to remind us of the central place of the land in ancient Israel and in scripture – and the importance of land today.  It is truly a gift from God, in more ways than one.  We – Island United Church – own some undeveloped property, and we are thoughtfully dealing with the possibilities of what to do with it in order to further ministry and mission in our community.  At the Partners in Building meeting in Long Beach, sponsored by the Church Building & Loan Fund, which Jan Grohe and I attended last week, it was strongly emphasized that churches regularly go to the questions of “what?” and “how?” before the critical and foundational question of “why?”

Why are we are church?  Why are we followers of Jesus?  Why are we here?  Why will this matter?  Why does God call us to use what we have for love and justice?  Why?  Why dirt?  Answering these questions takes willingness to develop vision – vision for an uncertain future, just as Jeremiah had to do with the field at Anathoth (Jer 32:6-15).

Take a prayer walk around the field and ask yourself – why? 

Peace and grace,
Pastor Carol      

Neighbors in Need – Oct 9

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Every year we at island United Church take a special offering in October for Neighbors in Need. This year we will do so on October 9. This UCC program supports  ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, including the Council for American Indian Ministries (CAIM).

Two-thirds of the offering is used by UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries to fund a wide array of local and national justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects. One-third of the offering supports CAIM There are 20 UCC congregations on reservations and one urban, multi-tribal UCC congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and this offering support these churches and their pastors. CAIM is also an invaluable resource for more than 1,000 individuals from dozens of other tribes and nations who are members of other UCC congregations in the U.S.

Please give generously on Sunday, October 9. The theme this year is “This we believe…No child should go to bed hungry.”  We will have special offering envelopes and informational inserts in your bulletin for your use. 

Lee Lamkin