Finding Resources; Being Good News

Sometimes we must dig deep, very deep to find the resources we need to move forward even – or especially – when we can’t understand circumstances unfolding around us.  Such is the situation with yet one more senseless mass shooting we mourned in worship.  When the whole world seems full of bad news, it is important to remember that we are people of good news, of hope, possibility, resurrection.  We must never paper over the pain, anger, frustration, fear, or sadness that bad times bring.  They must be named.  But we bring with us, into that same space, an abundance of hope, illustrated by the abundance of God depicted in the Biblical stories of Creation.  The scripture clearly tells us that God provides enough, more than enough, for the sustenance of Creation.  That means not just food for the physically hungry, but food for the emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually hungry ones; the wounded.  But there’s a distribution problem.  We must be channels for that hope; reservoirs, resources for God’s grace to one another and a world which seems to have just too much bad news.  To do that, we must be fed by prayer, and the shared bread and cup, at the table set for us by Jesus.  Be good news.

Peace and grace,

Pastor Carol

“BELIEF” – Sun, Oct 18, 8 pm

On Sunday, October 18, the first in a seven-part series entitled “Belief,” will air on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  Running on consecutive nights, the series looks at humankind’s ongoing search for meaning and connection with something greater than ourselves.  The series explores diverse faiths, and individual stories.  You can read more about each episode here and see a short informational video here.  On Sunday, October 25, following worship at IUC, we’ll hold a discussion group for anyone who would like to share their reactions and/or questions about what they saw. You need not have seen all 7 episodes!!

“Church Day” is Coming – Sat, Oct 24

Our Northern California Nevada Conference is reviving an event called Church Day – it’s fun, educational, worshipful and great fellowship time!  It’s a mini, one-day version of Annual Gathering.  It will be on Saturday, October 24 at the Congregational Church of San Mateo!  Let’s have a crew there.  The cost (basically covers your lunch) is $15.  If you need help with that cost, please let Pastor Carol know – IUC can help.  Among the workshops:  Effective Church Websites, San Francisco Night Ministry, Tech Tools for Ministry, Philanthropy, Welcoming the Stranger / Accompanying Immigrants.  You can register online at: (Be sure to register for Church Day not the boundary training which is for clergy who need that refresher course.)  We’ll arrange carpools as the date approaches.