Holy Week – From Palms to Passion

As we move on into Holy Week and the Passion of Christ, may we do our best to identify how and in what ways Jesus has moved us.

For some of us, we are moved by his healing nature. Strife, separation, and wounds that can only be soothed by compassionate love have torn many of us. Forgiveness plays such a key role here. In any relationship that needs healing, forgiveness is truly a key ingredient.

Others of us will remember the wonderful stories that point the way to God’s extravagant love toward all of humanity. The Story of the Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, and The Good Samaritan, just to name a few, speak to all of us in such special ways. The stories of Jesus open our hearts and minds to God’s infinite love.

The sayings of Jesus, challenge us to think about who we are as God’s people. What Jesus taught goes well beyond the old laws. He would say things like, “You have heard it said…” followed by, “But I say to you…” An eye for and eye was turned into love your enemies. We are definitely thrown into a different arena, as traditional laws can no longer be seen as black and white.

When we ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” we find ourselves confronted with the revolutionary spirit that commands us to look deeply into the command of neighbor love. These words call us into social action, to stand for justice and peace, to care for the needy and the downtrodden. This was such an important part of the revolutionary nature of the ministry of Jesus.

As we journey into Holy Week, may we consider one or more of these aspects of the life of Jesus, whom we have come to call the Savior of the World.


P.S. The Sunday after Easter, April 27th, is Consecration Sunday. During the worship service I will be sharing with you a musical worship service. I look forward to sharing my talent with you as we celebrate all of our gifts together. You don’t want to miss this one!

After the service will be our Congregational Meeting to elect officers.    DJ

Maunday Thursday and Easter Sunday

Maundy Thursday
A special Tenebrae service will be held at the Church on Thursday.  There will be a simple supper of soup, bread and fruit in the Worship Center.  During the service Communion will be served.

Easter Sunday
Come enjoy the excitement!  The Sunday School is planning its traditional Easter Egg Hunt after church. After the Easter Egg Hunt we will also take a new picture of everyone (and new Interim Pastor!) for the website.

Promises Consecration Sunday April 27

The Sunday after Easter is Consecration Sunday.  We will all bring our pledges and promises to celebrate and “Keep our Light Shining.”   You should have received a packet of information; if not, extra packets are available on Sunday from the Greeter.

In the Promises packet is the Goal Budget and Promises Card to be returned Consecration Sunday.  A picnic celebration will follow the service and meeting.  If you will be unable to attend, you are welcome to mail your Promises Card to the Financial Secretary in the return envelope that was enclosed in the packet.

A new option offered this year is the electronic payment (EFT) of your Promise.  There is a place on the Promises Card to show your interest and request instructions on how to set it up.