Dear Friends

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5

I hope you are as filled with anticipation as I am. In the darkest moments of the last few weeks, I constantly felt the nearness of God. Here is my Advent testimony: Although we expect yet a new indwelling of God’s love on Christmas, everything we’re waiting for is already unfolding around us. Thanks again for prayers, texts, emails, candles lit, and songs sung.

Here are some examples of what I experienced while in the hospital. At sunset I answered a phone call (I don’t know why; I was more than a little fuzzy). It was Rabbi Corey from our neighboring temple in Foster City, who prayed and then sang a healing song to me, like a lullaby, that dispelled all my fear. A day later Rev. Todd – dressed as a full-size unicorn – came and stood down on the street (I was on the 10th floor; no visitors, of course) and danced to get my attention so that I would know I was not alone. This was not a hallucination. A nurse named Davina from an evangelical church not only provided great medical care but made sure I was prayed for. As 1000 people prayed, a medical puzzle became a solvable challenge. I am so grateful, trust me.

Love is on the way! Join us Sunday as our guest preacher Rev. Michael Cronin brings us a message from Luke 1:26-38 that with God all things are possible. More great music, more fervent prayer. Keep this promise close: God is near!

See you in Zoom church.
Rev. Jim Mitulski

Hate Has No Home in Foster City
Please send a note of support to our recently elected Vice Mayor Richa Awasthi. Her Foster City home was vandalized this past week when a large rock was thrown through one of her children’s bedroom windows. Although no one was injured and the incident is under investigation, it is still alarming when people who make themselves available in visible ways for public service are threatened and their families made to feel unsafe in their homes. I assured her that we are praying for the safety of her family. Email her your encouragement at.[email protected].

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