Dear Friends

And so we are nearing the end of our Advent Season. This Christmas for sure will be a different Christmas than we have ever celebrated.

I have no doubt that almost everybody coming online for our service this Thursday will do so with some mixed emotions. We will miss gathering in person. We will miss spending time with our loved ones and yet….

No matter where we find ourselves, we are invited to celebrate the birth of this child through whom God’s presence came to us and through whom God’s presence dwells within us and within everybody we know and love. God’s spirit infusing ours will connect us all.

I hope you will invite your family and friends to come worship with us. I am sure we each will find a blessing in hearing the music, in praying together, in listening to the word. Please take a look at our upcoming events and services, which are listed in this newsletter.

Peace to all,
Rev. Jim Mitulski and Rev. Elisabeth Middelberg

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