Dear Friends

Join us this Sunday for worship as we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of Jesus and also renew our own baptismal covenant in the presence of one another. Have a vessel of water handy (your own baptismal font!) from which to anoint yourself with the cleansing and renewing waters of new life.

We will also have Communion, as we have every Sunday, so be sure to have bread and cup nearby as another way of symbolizing our bond with each other even in the midst of this pandemic-induced isolation.

As I write this, I know we are all aware of the unprecedented level of civil unrest in Washington D.C., and we don’t know how things are unfolding. One thing we can do in the midst of this uncertainty is to pray. Join us tonight (Thursday) for prayers for peace and justice at 7 pm via Zoom. We will also create space for this on Sunday.

Don’t be alone. This is an especially vulnerable time when we need each other. Hope to see you this week.

Rev. Jim Mitulski

P.S. Look for my op-ed piece in Friday’s San Mateo Daily Journal about reading the Letter from Birmingham Jail.

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