Dear Friends

This week we conclude our celebration of Black History/Black Futures Month. I was proud to be able to represent the church along with Alexis Lewis at the County Board of Supervisors meeting this week to make a presentation on Black History Month for the over 100 people who were present via Zoom, along with other members of the NAACP, and to be able to say that we observe as sacred the time they were recognizing with the proclamation (see pictures below). I was able to remind them that some states still choose to honor Confederate Memorial Day in place of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

My sermon will take us deeper into Lent as we look at Mark 8:31-38. You still have time to join us in our weekly Lenten Prayer Group on Tuesdays from 6 to 6:45 pm. Though small, our group prayed powerfully together this past week about what kind of resurrection we are looking for on Easter.

You can also join our current Tuesday book discussion if you read chapters 1-5 of Know My Name by Chanel Miller for next week. For our first session there were ten of us from all over the country (including two from Texas!). One of the members shared this video by the author describing an art exhibition she did at the Asian Art Museum:

Spirit is moving at Island United Church. Be sure to be part of it! Hope to see you in Zoom church this week.

Rev. Jim Mitulski

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