Dear Friends

I know there has been a lot of notice in the news about the changing levels of quarantine and safety surrounding Covid-19, especially as people are beginning to get vaccinated. Thankfully, a number of people in our own congregation have been vaccinated.

It has been almost a year exactly since we moved to Zoom community while continuing to maintain the fabric of our community both on Sundays and on weekdays. Thank you for your faithfulness in participation and financial support. It has and will make a difference as we begin to enter what I am calling re-entry or maybe more properly re-emergence over the next 6 months. Your presence is especially vital in this phase about which I’ll be saying more in the weeks to come. For now, we are not resuming in-person worship, even if our friends at neighboring churches do so. Plan on a fully scheduled week of liturgical celebrations for Palm Sunday, Maundy/Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and of course Easter, all via Zoom.

I hope you will register NOW for the upcoming Freedom Seder and for this special social/reception/breakout time in advance with our friends from Peninsula Temple Beth El. We need to have a head count in advance because they are preparing special “Seder bags” for us that you will be able to pick up at church or that we will get to you in advance. We plan to welcome in true Island “United” fashion some of the Sisters from the Mercy Center ( as part of our group that night. You are also welcome to bring friends and family members. It is a great way to prepare spiritually for the events of Holy Week.

We welcome a truly talented preacher this Sunday, Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw, one of the best students I ever worked with and now pastor of his own church for 10 years in Tampa, Florida. Hope to see you in Zoom church this week.

Rev. Jim Mitulski

P.S. At this past week’s meeting of the Peninsula Multifaith Coalition, Rabbi Corey from Foster City’s own temple – Peninsula Sinai Congregation – did an “introduction to what a Seder is in 15 minutes.” Here’s a link to the engaging presentation. He’s an amazing teacher, which really comes through in this. He also recommended this resource article if you want to read about what is a Passover Seder: Passover 2021 – My Jewish Learning

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