Dear Friends

We are continuing in the Easter season. I realized at the book group this week as we concluded reading Anne Lamott’s Dusk, Night, Dawn how reading this throughout April has nurtured my own capacity to continue to look at, explore, and experience resurrection. It has acclimated me to seek it and see it way beyond the simple Easter story with which we began the month.

She says of hope:

“Hope springs from realizing we are loved, can love and are love with skin on. Then we are unstoppable. This hope is from a deep, deep place that somehow my parents seeded. Love is not a concept. It’s alive and true. A generative and nutritious flickering force that is marbled through life.

This is the theme I will explore on Sunday through the gospel reading and look at what resurrection means in the midst of change. I hope you’ll be there.

Rev. Jim Mitulski 

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