Dear Friends

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday, the very last of our Easter observances.

Our guest preacher helps us pose the question of “What’s next?” The Board is working thoroughly, thoughtfully, and diligently to help us in the transition of drawing down our current way of managing All Are Friends as a church program and introducing a new management model within the next several weeks.

I am looking at how we can transition back to public worship and other gatherings in person, though not yet. I know some churches are doing so, but we have particular reasons for being cautious. At present, I can say we will not begin worship in our space until at least July, but we will continue gathering on Zoom.

I have tentatively calendared an outdoor social gathering for Sunday, June 13, at noon in the church parking lot. Are you interested in helping with that? Let me know.

Soon we will be together again in person. Until then, let’s continue to gather faithfully in prayer via the Internet.

Hope to see you Sunday.
Rev. Jim Mitulski

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