Dear Friends

Please join us this Sunday as we conclude our Pride Month services on the day that LGBT Pride Day is traditionally commemorated with parades and other observances around the country. It’s also the Sunday when the United Church of Christ celebrates the Open and Affirming Church movement, of which we are a member.

We have two special worship leaders. Our preacher is church member Vickye Robertson, who has completed all the requirements for UCC ordination and is discerning how to put her gifts to use; she has a particular interest in chaplaincy. Peninsula Multifaith Coalition co-president Diane Fahrner will share a personal testimony about being the “proud mother of two gay sons” while remaining a faithful member of a religious tradition that doesn’t approve.

While Pride Day is political, it is also deeply spiritual. Be sure to join us, and invite friends to join us this week.

Happy Pride Day with faith and pride,
Rev. Jim Mitulski

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