A Persistent Faith

One of my many joys working with young people over the years is to hear profound answers to simple questions – ones that I don’t expect. It is these answers that make me think and say to myself, “Gee whiz! I wish I had thought of that!”

One time I remember time teaching young people about Jesus calling the fisherman to be disciples.  So often I have asked the question, “And why did Jesus call fisherman?” Most of us learned the rote answer, “Because he wanted to make them fishers of men.”

This particular time when I asked this question, a young person answered, “Jesus, called the fishermen because fishermen are persistent.” The young person then went on to explain, ” When my grandfather goes out fishing he never gives up. He fishes day after day.  He goes out fishing weather he catches anything or not. He never gives up. Jesus wanted people like that.”

This past week in our discussion of The Serenity Prayer, we discussed the line, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace. I did not mention this Sunday morning, but here is a perfect illustration of this line. Making a living as a fisherman is not easy. It involves many long hours, oftentimes dealing with adverse elements of nature. It’s hard, often times very hard. And yet somehow, all seems forgotten with a great haul on a particular day.

Obviously, this child’s answer went much further than I ever expected. As a people we are called to a persistent faith in good times and not so good times. It is good for us to reflect on this as we consider how we utilize our faith. It is good for us to realize as we enter into a time of transition.  How easy for us to get wrapped up in our wants, our needs, and our fears! How easy it is easy for us to forget that a strong, persistent faith yields us a wonderful dividend – hope!

Think about it,

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