All Music, All The Time

St. Augustine (admittedly, not everyone’s favorite theologian) reportedly said, “He [the one] who sings, prays twice.”  It wasn’t exactly that, and it’s part of a longer, more convoluted passage, but it’s something closer to: “To sing is to pray twice.”  I like that better because it does not limit singing to human beings (i.e. “he,” “she,” or “the one”)  Singing is something all creatures, and even the earth itself, can do. Listen to the songs around you.  Besides, “to sing” in English, and in Augustine’s Latin (cantare), is an infinitive – and we can sing forever, infinitely, to show joy and pain, to protest and inspire, and to glorify God.  In our Sunday worship gathering, we sang and sang – your favorites old and new, from different cultures, genres, eras, and faith expressions.  It was different and wonderful.  I encourage you to sing, hum, and tap your feet.  Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit which is music.  Perfect pitch not required.

Blessings, peace – and sing on!
Pastor Carol

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