All You Need is Love

“The one who loves another has fulfilled the Law…” wrote Paul (Rom 13:8) nearly 2000 years ago.  And 50 years ago the Beatles sang, “All you need is love.”  Darn, they make it sound so simple!  Well, it is simple, but it’s not easy.  Love and forgiveness (which is love in action) are hard, challenging, intimate work.  The work to which Jesus calls us.

Believing that God’s approval depends on total adherence to all the minutiae of the Law – or any set of rules – is a recipe for failure.  No one can do that.  And simply “doing” – abiding by a rules – is not by itself a measure of one’s heart.  It is the healing of our hearts that God is really interested in.  When we are imperfect at loving or forgiving, because we are fallible human beings, then there is grace to lead us.  Grace is God’s unconditional, limitless, and unmerited love and forgiveness for us.  We get the joy of responding to God’s grace by living better lives and sharing the grace we have received.

All you need is love –
Pastor Carol

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