Anyone Got Directions?

There are many ways for me to get from Sunnyvale to Island United Church (IUC). They range anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. I can drive 280 to 92, which is by far the most beautiful way as one drives over hills and valleys and sees California in all its natural splendor. Unfortunately, one uses more gas to go this way, as the mileage is longer not to mention the terrain more variable.

I can also drive 85 to 101, an older highway with a more direct route. It’s the shortest in distance; however, to me it’s not pretty, has a lot of traffic, and the lights from the exit to the church can be horrible. It’s a gamble to take this route, but when all is going your way, one can make it to IUC in just under a half hour this way.

If I want to take my time and do some shopping along the way, I can go De Anza or El Camino Real. I know I can go this way, just by looking at a map. And yet, taking a route with tons of streetlights is not very appealing to me, so I have opted out of either of these routes. Perhaps one day if I ride my bike, I will choose one of these ways, but not now.

In any event, it is clear that there are many variations to the path one can take from Sunnyvale to IUC — combinations too numerous to mention. However, as long as I am Acting Pastor at IUC, I’m sure I will just choose between the first two. Regardless, the important thing is that, eventually, I get there.

The same goes for all of you, members and friends of IUC, as I’m sure that there are many different ways you can choose to get from your home to IUC.  But also, like me, the point is you get there and not the way you came. Very seldom, if at all, does anyone ask or care how one travels to IUC – we’re just glad that somehow folks tend to make it. Often we pray for ones that don’t in hopes that they will find their way back the following week, especially in cases of illness or travel.

The same goes for our spiritual journeys, our quest for spiritual wholeness. There are so many paths, so many ways or directions one can go, that your options are truly limitless. The good news is there is a way, a direction for you to feel spiritually whole — you can take any route you want and take as long as you want. What is important is the journey itself and your desire to get there. Whether it’s the longer scenic route, the short efficient route, or any other route of your own choosing – we will be here to help one another along the way and make sure that we all get to enjoy the journey together!


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