Are We Delusional?

Like people of Jesus’ time, we are oppressed by social, economic, and political forces, and want something to save us. But we can overcome those forces if we recognize the power of community and the power of hope – the larger-than-life reality of God. In the Biblical story, Palm Sunday is a celebration. Even knowing that this week brings some deep spiritual gut-wrenches, that is an important model for living all of our life. We journey through our lives, as our Lenten theme says, “Walking Through Hard Times.” There are days of celebration and joy, sometimes planned and some surprises. There are somber days like Maundy Thursday, and grief-filled ones like Good Friday. What God – who loves us beyond measure and without condition – places at the end of all this is ours to discover anew every year. The ills of violence, apathy and discrimination will not be solved by a conquering hero. Jesus knew that. We need big, larger-than-life hope, and that we find in God. We find that hope in our work together for transformation, supporting and healing one another with compassion and courage. This is a real and holy message. Despite the roller coaster week ahead – in fact, because of it – we will know that God’s ability to bring goodness, life, and promise in the face of evil and death will not be denied. But in the meantime, we are a little bit delusional, crying our “hosannas.” Save us.

Pastor Carol

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