Believing in Christmas

As I reflect on the advent and Christmas season, I am always reminded of the importance of believing. There are other themes, but this one is crucial. I think this fact is what got the whole Santa Claus thing off the ground with children. Though I must admit that it is pretty much out of control, it’s original intent was really good — that believing has its rewards. For children, it’s presents. For us belief is, as well as it should be, about something else.

As I wade though my Christmas movies and stories the theme comes through time and again, that when we believe in love, we will be sustained by that love. The gift then is celebrating that sustenance.  As we grow we see that as much as love has power, it is also quite vulnerable. Love must be constantly cared for and nurtured.

Every year, for example, Cameron and I get a new dated ornament for our tree. This year we placed a sand dollar ornament given to us by Rowe. As we put it on our tree in future years we will remember our wonderful year at IUC and all the love that was shared with us. It supersedes any of the other sadness we may have experienced in other situations. Has there been sadness for us? Of course. We are no different from anyone else.  The love we have experienced and the love we know to believe in encourages us to move forward with our lives as we look forward to our next adventure.

“God with us” is the theme of Christmas. In order for us to grasp its significance depends on our belief and our willingness to reach out and receive this life changing, life-fulfilling gift. I Love you all…

Merry Christmas,

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