Breaking Down Walls

We reminded ourselves what it means to live as an Open & Affirming church – for LGBT and all persons.  The call of God’s inclusive love is that we are a place of trust and love; that we ensure that Foster City knows we are a place where God is still speaking; where walls of human bias and fear are broken down.  Brothers and sisters of all backgrounds, colors, abilities, and places on the spectrum of human sexuality are accepted and “home” here.

At the same time, we acknowledge that we must love and affirm our Earth.  The Earth is our home, and we are one with all Creation.  We journey here as one human family.  That is God’s intent.  But just as surely as we build stigmatizing human walls, we build a wall which divides us from the rest of Creation, making it something to objectify, ignore, or exploit; something “other than” us – when in fact, we are of and dependent upon the Earth.  We have an obligation to name and heal the wounds we have inflicted on the Earth, just as we have wounded one another – to cleanse the air and water, to keep the fossil fuels in the ground.  Please work and pray for the healing of the Earth just as fervently as you work and pray for the breaking down of walls and the healing of our relationships.  God has extended us radical acceptance with all our differences, and all our wounds.  Can we do any less for our blessed Earth?     

Pastor Carol 

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