Change and Grow

We remember times when things did not change so often or so quickly.  A life decision about work was exactly that – a life decision.  Typically someone stayed in the same vocation his/her entire life, often the same job or with the same company.  Then there was more job and employer changing, vocation changing, going back to school later in life, shifting gears, finding joy and satisfaction.  We became more adventurous; we attuned to our hearts and to the needs of the world and were less afraid to change.   Mostly churches have moved glacially in this regard.  Church lags far behind, and thereby creates an increasing “relevance gap” for those 50 and under who have embraced change as a reality in their spiritual lives as well as work and personal life.  Many individuals, leaders, and denominations seem to feel church must be somehow immutable – that this is part of its “holy nature.”  If we draw our holy nature from the Spirit of God, friends, we must remember that Holy Spirit is a moving, burning thing.  It is by the Spirit that we change and grow.  That is what God desires of us.  So churches everywhere can love tradition but need to let go of the idea that as “church people” we are frozen in time, place, worship and ideas about ministry.  Think about it, and be blessed.                                                 

Pastor Carol

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