Change the Story

It is a great temptation to live in the comfort of certainty, even when the accompanying inevitabilities are awful. But we can power through and change those stories. Jeremiah told us there would be a new covenant, written on the heart and in lived experiences of grace, instead of the covenant of laws in stone and inevitable consequences. We learned that we don’t know everything about Jesus and his story – there is plenty that is uncertain, still evolving for us to learn, and to mold into new ways of living our own lives.

We must change the narrative about guns in this country. When the gun is reverenced as God, it is an affront to the God of love and life who treasures us. This is a sin. (I know, there is that word that progressives don’t like). We don’t get to shrug and say “nothing can be done” about the NRA pipeline of money to legislators, the resultant lack of any reasonable gun control legislation and the ongoing death of innocents with weapons of war. There is no excuse for us not to step up and change this story. It’s not a certainty, and our young people are showing that so courageously. Nothing is certain, my friends, except that God calls us to March for Our Lives into the face of this tragedy we have created for ourselves. And change it.

Pastor Carol

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