Come Out of your Tombs!

This past Sunday we had the glorious scripture dealing with Jesus calling Lazarus out of his tomb. “Come out of you Tomb!” cried Jesus. And as he cried out to Lazarus to come out of his tomb, Jesus cries out to us.

I’ve seen many movies about Jesus. Directors will skip over several stories, but never this one. It’s so powerful primarily because somewhere deep down there are parts of all of us that are dead. There are parts of all of us that need to “come out of our tombs” of shame, anger, grief, and self-pity.

I was dead, you know. I lived in a tomb. Gay folk know it well. It’s called the” closet.”  I was afraid, so I decided to hide. But my hiding place was my tomb. I survived for a while in there, but even I couldn’t stand my own stench until I heard that voice that said, “Jarv-Jarv-Come out!  Come out of there! You have nothing to be afraid of. I’m going to be with you.”

I’m know I’m not alone. Many of us live in a tomb because we’re afraid someone might notice something inwardly we don’t like about ourselves. And when some one notices what others might see as a defect, we fear the scorn, ridicule, and even bullying of others. The fear is very real.

With the love of God in Christ, however, we are called to embrace a new freedom from fear as well as a new future. The journey of Lent should include not only sacrifice, but holding on to a renewed trust and dependence on God. We are called to leave the darkness and look to that sustainable light, where we ultimately find that peace that passes all understanding.



Cameron and I are very grateful for the warm greetings of welcome we have received over the past few weeks. We love singing with Anna and the choir. I personally want to thank you for the wonderful Birthday celebration given to me last Sunday. That was quite a cake!!  Blessing to all of you!  You are an amazing flock!
Cameron and Jarv



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