Do What You Love

How Matthias became the “replacement” disciple for Judas after the death of Jesus is a fascinating and informative story.  Matthias was not a mover and shaker; not a recognized leader; not “qualified.”  He was not one of the originally chosen disciples; he was an outsider who emerges from nowhere in the narrative.  Yet he was chosen by the disciples and, I am convinced, called inwardly by God to say yes, even though he might have been dubious about what gifts he brought to the work.   We will never know his exact role because the text doesn’t tell us.  Yet, clearly the work went forward, and Matthias’ presence was integral and important.  With the wind of the Holy Spirit at their backs (coming THIS Sunday, on Pentecost!), the message of Christ’s love and God’s grace was spread.

Matthias may live at Island United Church.  In fact, there may be many Matthiases!  Each person in our wonderful, faithful congregation has a gift, a passion, a skill which would be gratefully received by the church community, and spiritually fulfilling to the individual to give.  Think about what you simply love to do.  We will be looking for those gifts and passions, and lifting up each Matthias.

Peace and grace be with you,
Pastor Carol


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