The world and our lives are filled with imperfections and downright mess-ups.  What’s more, it can seem like life (and our churches, some would contend) are filled with contrary people who cause unexpected grief.  Paul’s metaphor, which he uses more than once, of the collective of Christian believers as a body with many parts, is critical and relevant.  Sometimes we have to adjust with our own bodies for parts that don’t work perfectly – like wearing glasses, or carrying a cane.  Sometimes making those adjustments results in other parts of a body gaining new strength and power, such as increased acuity of hearing or touch among those losing their eyesight.  Our bodies, unique and loved by God are what they are because of all of the parts in concert together.

Yes, sometimes there is discomfort and discord in the body.  This is true in families, churches and communities, too.  But no part, no individual, is insignificant, or less worthy of respect, regard and care.  We are who we are as a body, at Island United Church, or the wider church, because of each one who feels called to be here – on their inspiring and inspired days, yes, and even on their cranky, crabby days.   That can bring out the best (or at least the better) in all of us.  Every single one of us is important, and the door must stay wide open to some who aren’t even here yet!  We are not called to be perfect, my friends.  We are called to be faithful and loving with one another, because, in our harmony and dissension, in our beauty and confusion, everyone matters.  We matter

Pastor Carol

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