Family Ties

There are so many ways in which we acknowledge being family – in biological families, and our families of choice (of which church is but one).  There are occasions of sadness and joy, confidences to be shared, and questions and differences to be worked out.  In all of these, the Holy Spirit is at work, even if we don’t acknowledge God’s presence.

This past Saturday, I officiated at my oldest son’s wedding in St. Charles, IL.  It was a remarkable gathering, and admittedly, a rare event and privilege for a parent.  I am grateful.  It was one of the few occasions at which all of my children and their spouses were in one place at the same time. I blessed several meals, as well as the wedding, and we danced until our feet hurt.  It was a chance to meet even more of my son’s new, delightful extended family.  Everyone had something to share to make the weekend unique and memorable.  That’s what families do.

Island United Church is our extended family of faith.  We each bring a special gift, skill or passion.  We have the capacity to listen to one another; to offer love, laughter, support or a fresh perspective.  We can hold difference.  We have growing to do and changes ahead as we embark on what I am borrowing from Paul Bade – “New Beginnings 2.0.”  Let’s do it as a family – a family in which God holds us together, the Spirit inspires us, and Jesus Christ is our brother.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Carol

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