From a Distance, with Love

As you read this message, I am biking with AIDS LifeCycle down the length of California.  I feel your prayers as the wind at my back.  Please hold in your hearts all those affected by HIV/AIDS, for whom we ride.  By the grace of my bike wheels, and a short airplane flight, I will see you on Sunday morning!Day 1


      Day 1 – Sunday – Santa Cruz

Peace and grace be with you.

Pastor Carol


            Monday – King City

                   San Lorenzo County Park

            Tuesday – Paso Robles 

                   Mid-State Fair Grounds 

            Wednesday – Santa Maria

                   Preisker Park

            Thursday – Lompco

                   Ryon Memorial Park

            Friday – Ventura 

                   San Buenaventura State Park

            Saturday – Los Angeles 

                   Veterans Center



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