From Pastor Carol …

How do you thank people for incredibly loving and generous hearts? I am so grateful to all of you for your fond and affirming farewells, and wonderful gifts. So I offer a few words – first from Sunday’s message.

Remember in the days and weeks ahead to: Show Up… Pay Attention… Tell the Truth… and Be Open to the Outcome. (Thank you, Angeles Arrien.) This is a life-giving practice which I am sure will lead you as individuals and as a congregation into a wonderful future.

Secondly from poet, meditator, and yoga practitioner, Danna Faulds:

There is no controlling life.
Try corralling a lightning bolt,
containing a tornado. Dam a
stream and it will create a new
channel. Resist, and the tide
will sweep you off your feet.
Allow, and grace will carry
you to higher ground. The only
safety lies in letting it all in –
the wild and the weak; fear
fantasies, failures, and success.
When loss rips off the doors of
the heart, or sadness veils your
vision with despair, your practice
becomes simply bearing the truth.
In the choice to let go of your
known way of being, the whole
world is revealed to your new eyes.

May you continue to be blessed, and live as blessings to others –       Carol

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