The tale of Esther is one of only two books in the Bible as we have received it, which never mentions God.  This might lead us to imagine that God has no role in the story at all, but God is very present in the events, the characters, and the choices they make.  While dramatic in its own right, the story is a vital way that we are reminded that God is always with us – “in the building,” as it’s popular to say in current parlance, wherever we find ourselves.

God does not always appear in our lives like a burning bush, or hit us like a lightning bolt or clap of thunder.  But God is never on the sidelines.  God loves us too much for that.  If you think God is on the sidelines in your life, think again.  How do you know love, courage, and faithfulness?  By whom and through whom are you touched and sustained?  That is God present, God at work, and when we recognize that, we know deep peace and joy.  Make it a spiritual discipline each day to remain attuned to ways in which God is present, touching your life – in perhaps very, very unexpected people and ways.  And give thanks.

Peace and grace to you in all things,

Pastor Carol

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