Harvest Festival, Musical Extravaganza

It was a great Sunday service at IUC on October 26th. There was wonderful music, lots of people singing and sharing their gifts. The M’Earth Tones were amazing with their renditions of timely songs that invoked a tremendous energy and spirit. Our choir was none to shabby either with its peppy spiritual medley.  Cameron singing our prayers of the people made up of selected verses of hymns added both beauty and solemnity to this sacred time.

Our sanctuary looked great too with its new paint, new lighting, new rug, and new chairs, not to mention our choir with its new robes as well. Our New Beginnings campaign has surely brought some big changes to our worship space.

It was most gratifying to see people who we haven’t seen for awhile who have been dealing with illness. This was a special gift, to see people whom we have prayed, not just for a few weeks, but for months suddenly appear.

And then there was the food – tons of it, and all of it outrageously delicious, and most of it calorie free (right).

As a church we have all worked hard, each doing his/her assigned task. Sunday was our moment, our Harvest Festival, Musical Extravaganza, when we could  sing our praises to God and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Thanks to you all,

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