Holy, Weedy Ground – That’s Us

Sometimes we are truly not our best selves, and we know it.  But Jesus points out that good, strong plants and tenacious weeds do come up in the same field.  God’s holy territory is not a place – it is in us.  We are complicated creatures.  We need to be diligent, prayerful and compassionate in calling out our own weeds, as well as acknowledging all the fruitful things we are able to do to bring forth the reign of God.

As imperfect individuals, and an imperfect group, we can be quite blind to our shortcomings.  God’s love for us, though, is unconditional, and in a community that is “powered” by God’s love we can listen to one another, truly hear, and learn how to be better and braver.  One thing we will do at our August 19 retreat is remind ourselves that we are powered and led by God’s love.  We will remind ourselves of our core values – those strong plants to nurture – and note if there are weeds we need to attend to.  And we’ll rejoice that God is still speaking among us ….

Peace and grace to you,
Pastor Carol

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