Introducing Pastor David F. Jarvis

We want to wish our new Interim Pastor, the Reverend David F. Jarvis, a big welcome to the Island United Church family. Last Sunday, March 16, he conducted his first service for us.  His style is to open his sermon with a song. This time we all sang “Jesus Loves Me.” His sermon emphasized the loving relationships expressed in both popular music and hymns. Below, is his personal introduction to you.

Lee Lamkin, President

Hi, Everyone!
I am excited to be of service to you all. I thought this would be a more “fun” way to introduce myself, than usual.                       Jarv

Q. Where are you from and where have you served?
A. I am a Connecticut boy, born and raised, and have been in the professional ministry since 1973. I was ordained in 1980. Most of my ministry has been in Connecticut, serving churches in Falls Village, Coventry, and Milwaukee, WI. I have served as interim in Syosset, NY; Waterbury, Madison, Bristol and Manchester, CT; and North Hampton and Pelham, NH.

Q. What do we call you?
A. Many call me Jarv. Some call me David or Pastor. Only my mother got away with calling me Davey and she’s dead now! The “F”.stands for “flexible,” which, of course, we all will have to be (but then if you really must know, it’s Francis.)

Q. How old are you?
A. Born April 7, 1948

Q. Married?
A. Yes. To Cameron Fadjo, who works for Google. We have been together for nine years and were married when it became legal to do so in Connecticut on June 20, 2010.

Q. Any Hobbies?
A. Playing piano! I go to musical concerts of all kinds all the time (except Rap, Techno and Glen Miller). I love the opera, symphony, movies, theater, and museums… I’m an artsy kind of guy… Boston Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots when they are winning…but then you should know that I’m really a wishy washy sports fan, except for UCONN Women’s Basketball!

Q. Favorites?
A. Book: Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”
Song: “Moon River”
Composer: Rachmaninov
Conductor: James Levine
Cabaret: Michael Feinstein
Pianist: Martha Argerich
Movie: “Moonstruck”
Play: “Skin of our Teeth”

Q. Political Leaning?
A. Progressive (Hey, I’m a UCC Pastor!)

Q. Any dislikes?
A. I am an energetic, optimistic person who is immediately turned off by negative or apathetic behavior.

Q. Anything special we need to know?
A. Yes. Talk to me! I always try to make myself available and approachable. Don’t second-guess me, please. If it is not a good time for me, let me be the one to tell you. My cell phone, and voicemail number is (860) 335-2121. Call me at any time.

Q. Anything we don’t need to know?
A. I am a middle child 🙂


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