Island United Church Goes to General Synod

There are nearly 3000 people at the UCC’s 31st General Synod in Baltimore – a combination of a huge family reunion, the most inspirational worship ever, business to satisfy the hardiest of committee and resolution geeks (with a great electronic voting system), and incredible encouragement to get out in the world and bring our gifts as individuals and churches to create justice.  About everything I see cries out to be brought back to IUC, so you can bet you will be on the receiving end of some spiritual juice in weeks and months to come.  There is an exhibit hall filled with more books, resources, clergy stoles, and church “stuff” than one’s credit card can stand.  The high points today were our recognition(!) as a 5-for-5 church, and the overwhelming and excited election of Rev. Traci Blackmon as the new Executive Minister for Justice & Witness Ministries.  You can learn more about this amazing woman here and here.

Thank you so much for the gift of some time to drink all this in for you.  I’ll be back mid-week. In the meantime, the best I can do for now is to share a few photos.  There is ever-so-much more on the UCC website, including this afternoon’s beautiful worship service for which I was privileged to sing in the massed choir with about 120 folks from all over the country.

Missing you, praying for and with you, and being refueled!!

Pastor Carol

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