It’s All About Making Music

I know there are a few folks in our midst who would claim they can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  But I’m here to declare that God loves your voice – because it’s yours.  There are also more than a few who are really good, instinctive singers.  You can’t hide!  I can hear you! (and I delight in it).  I hope that we all experienced a different and uplifting form of worship on Sunday.  It was all music, interwoven with scriptures read expertly by Maritza, plus background stories about the various songs and hymns.  Do you believe it – we sang all or part of 20 different songs!?  That’s a lot of making a joyful noise unto God.  God hears the music in the souls of all creatures (we are not the only ones who sing).  Do you sing when you are alone – working, cooking, walking, exercising, driving, in the shower?  Do you sing out loud, or in your mind?  You sing what you need to hear or share, whether it is joyous, silly, sad or reflective.  You sing unconsciously in time with your footsteps, your breathing, or your heartbeat, so music is your prayer.  Better yet – do you dance, clap your hands?  Move your body however awkwardly in time to music?  Let these prayers keep moving through you.  They change the world because they change you.

Keep singing   — Pastor Carol  

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