Life’s Challenges: Facing Oppression

     Throughout scripture and throughout world history we have witnessed constant instances of oppression, which continues to plague us in our modern age. Is there no way to break this cycle?

     Lest it be thought that it is all doom and gloom, it is not. Individuals and groups are doing great work and making positive contributions in societies around the world.

     But amid this work let us not forget, in our communities of faith, in the silent sanctuaries of our own hearts, to invite God in. It is then that we will begin to see the paradigm shift that we, and God, wish to see in the world.

Let us pray!
Dear God, we continually put ourselves above others of your children. We oppress them, we treat them as other, treat them as less-than, treat them unlike the way we would wish to be treated. Help us to realize our connectedness with one another and our oneness in you, that we fulfill the purpose you would have us serve in the completion of our own salvation. Amen.

Your Pastoral Intern,

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