Life’s Challenges: Temptation

We read about Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness (Mt 4:1-11) – food, immortality, and power, all of which he resisted.  In the end, he was attended by angels.  What temptations do we encounter?  The temptation to be apathetic and not act… to be silent and not speak… to control rather than trust … to impress rather than being humble and open… the temptation to reject our own self-worth…to be materialistic, self-centered, and act in our own self-interest at the expense of injustice to others.  There is every possible sort of temptation to appear strong and invulnerable – in a word, inhuman, and thereby deny the beautiful humanity God has given to us.  It is in our frailty that we reach out to seek support from others.  We share pain and are held.  And in giving and receiving love and affirmation, we know the joy of being human.  This is how God created us.

Life is full of temptations … and angels.  In Matthew, there are the 3 temptations and then the devil left him (Mt 4:11), seemingly for good.  But in Luke,[the devil] departed from [Jesus] until an opportune time. (Lk 4:13)  I think Luke was right.  There are so many temptations associated with merely being alive.  They’ll be back.  But we all get more angels that way.

Pastor Carol

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