Loss or Blessing

There is no promise from God that life is easy.  No words from Jesus promise that following particular rules is a recipe for happiness or salvation (whatever you imagine that to be).  In fact, the history of our faith and the everyday stories of our lives are full of struggle, pain, loss, mistakes, missed opportunities and disappointment.  Lest you find this bleak in the extreme, remember the unspeakably good promise – that God, Source of Love and Life, Goodness and Grace beyond our imagining or constructing, will always be present in the struggles.  That is the great promise.  In every struggle, there may be both loss and blessing.  We are not alone, even when our inadequate human senses seem to tell us we are.  Just like Jacob, we are changed by our struggles.  We are held, touched and blessed, though sometimes we need some distance to realize that.  Remember the words of Isaiah 43: You are precious in my sight, and I love you … and Psalm 139: You are fearfully and wonderfully made

Peace and grace to you, my precious, fearful and wonderful ones –
Pastor Carol

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