Making Music with Our Lives

Wow!  We sang 21 songs in worship on Sunday – and still had time for deep prayers, scripture, offerings, and reflection.  Our annual hymn sing reminded us that singing is a particular way of expressing feelings, or making a statement, that goes beyond the recitation of words.  We sing in joy, and in lament.  When we sing, we feel the breath of life in our bodies in a different way.  St. Augustine of the 5th century reportedly said that “one who sings, prays twice.”   Animals sing, too – whales, dolphins, birds, bats, to name a few – and they have special purposes.  Our purpose was to share spiritual connection with God and with one another, and to make a special kind of music in God’s realm with the way we live our lives.

We sang from different eras and musical styles, in a cycle with scripture readings.  In our songs, we literally prayed for an hour, in joy and wonder.  Our souls were fed in all that music, hearing one another’s voices.  Thanks be to God! (and oh yes – those musical vibrations are good for your body!)

Pastor Carol

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