Sometimes we take “extravagant welcome” so much for granted in the UCC, and at FuelGaugeIsland, that it helps to have reminders of how intentional and broad our welcome needs to be.  We read how Solomon implored God to bless foreigners who would come to the Jerusalem temple – to welcome them just as Judeans themselves would be welcomed.  We read how Jesus welcomed the “other,” the oppressor, the Roman centurion who – in faith and love – sought healing for his slave.  And we heard a powerful prayer that Island United Church might be, and become more fully, in addition to a place of welcome, a place of healing. May we be a haven for all those in Foster City and nearby who feel broken or spiritually or emotionally battered, have need of respite, listening, or a place for their questions.  That is a Jesus welcome – a welcome that heals.  May each of us contribute our own gifts to building such a place for the heart.

Pastor Carol

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