New Year’s Eve

The holiday season can be a whirlwind, a mish-mash without precious time to slow down and reflect. Why – as you read this even before Thanksgiving Day – am I talking about New Year’s Eve?  Did I lose a page from my calendar?  This is not the secular calendar new year, but we are at the start of a new liturgical year in Christian reflection.  Advent starts the new year cycle of engaging God moving in our midst, in the life of Jesus, in his ministry, in the work of peace and justice we are called to do to carry on.  This coming Sunday, November 27, will be the first Sunday in the 4 weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas.  Let’s savor those weeks.  They have their own special meaning.  We light candles in the darkness and bolster our ability to bring hope, peace, joy, and love into the new year.

The gospel readings in the lectionary shift (generally, not entirely) from Luke to Matthew.  We will be looking at new adventures and new ways of being as a church.  Yes – it’s New Year’s Eve.  Happy New Year, Island United Church!  Peace and grace to you in the days ahead –

Pastor Carol

PS  Notice many times was the word “new” was used!  Our faith is about being new.

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