Not According to Rules

It does not take too many deep dives into scripture – especially into the parables of Jesus – to discover that the operating principle of God is the development of right and loving relationship.  That is what is modeled for us; that is what we are called to do.  In our First World way, we are proud of being a society of laws, and our human instinct is to crave order.  But there is a magnificent disorderliness in the realm of God we are charged to bring about.  We scratch our heads and say, “I don’t get it.”  In the parables, it seems that everything from massive debts to piddly misdemeanors is set aside in the name of deeper and stronger connection with one another, and with God.  Sometimes living by legalisms and doing justice are simply not the same thing.  The forgiveness, compassion, redemption and healing we are offered by grace, and in a grace-filled community, defy logic.  Please don’t fret trying to decode this.  Receive it with joy.

You are loved and valued just the way you are, beyond rules, categories, or definitions.

Pastor Carol

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