Off to Barcelona Spain and Malta!

My bags about packed and I’m ready to go. I am looking forward to a new adventure traveling to a place I have never been with an old dear friend who knows more about art than anyone I know. I am sure I will return with a lot of stories about my adventures, not to mention a few photographs I will be able to utilize for future Meditation Moments.

How great it will be for me to visit the museums dedicated to Juan Miro, Salvatore Dali, and Pablo Picasso!  I look forward to spending a day in the Gaudi Cathedral, which I understand is truly a magnificent structure still under construction.  There will be a trip to the Opera house as well as a theater to see Flamenco dancers.

I have read much about the artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. In Malta I will see his famous painting of the beheading of John the B aptist. The painting contains the only know signature of the master, signed in the blood emanating from severed head.

And yet seems that now matter where I go, I will enjoy the people the most. I know I will meet people with whom I share the same joys and concerns, the similar hopes and dreams. I know it will be a pleasure to meet new people, and hear their stories and learn from them.

When we lived in New York City and I had time to myself, I would often go to Central Park and would (as Cameron would love to accuse me of) tip street musicians and talk to strangers. Some how I believe all people are connected in some beautiful way. I do believe our world would be a better place if somehow we would all take time to appreciate different people with their distinctive art and music, and what personal life stories they have to offer. I know this is pretty basic stuff, but also very true,

See you when Advent begins. Until then you will my good friend and pastor, The Rev. Al Williams, serve me.


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