I was fascinated to learn in high school physics about the motions of the planets, the elliptical orbits, and the great minds that looked into the sky and discerned that this was the shape of the universe.

In the same way, our lives have orbits – the orbit of family, of work, of love, of spiritual growth.  There is even an orbit of losses, as well as an orbit of promise and hope.  In my adult years, New Year’s Eve became as profound an observance for me as Christmas – sometimes even more so – because it was a deeply reflective time to look once more at those orbits in my life.

In a year, the earth moves around the sun and the orbit changes a little bit each time.  I hope that I am orbiting around God, and that the gravitational forces of that Holy Central Body, and the effect of others who orbit with me, keep me focused on being more loving and forgiving – of myself as well as others.

Keep orbiting.  I’ll see you on Sunday.

Pastor Carol

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