Outraged and Outrageous

Last Sunday – while tempted to talk about how the Ten Commandments lead us to a life of obedience – we looked instead at Jesus’ actions, overturning the tables of the money changers and chasing the sellers of sacrifices from the temple.  This outrage at the status quo is a different kind of call to faithful living.  And in fact, if we are being faithful in the covenant of those Ten Commandments, we must remember which commandment is first – you shall have no other gods before me.  That means the gods of consumerism, of social, racial and cultural privilege, environmental ruin for personal and corporate gain, and the god of unquestioned tradition when the world and its creatures call for a justice that tradition does not acknowledge.

So putting God first may mean behaving outrageously, as Jesus did.  That may be what’s required in order to dispel the sins of apathy and obliviousness.  Sustaining the status quo is not at the core of following Jesus, and being outraged may very well be an act of Christian faith.

Pastor Carol small


Peace and grace,
Pastor Carol

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