Overflowing with Gratitude

What a joy it was to celebrate with Rev. Diane Weible, our Conference Minister!  As someone remarked to me before going home, “She is a really special person.”  Yes, she is.  She gave us a remarkable message about what it truly means to live with gratitude, understanding that everything originates in God, and is of God.  “Things” and money are not ours simply to accumulate, count, and then decide when there is enough to share or give back.  We are to live in full-blown gratitude all the time for the life and community God has given us.  That is God’s joy as well as our own.

And for a small church, we DO live fully in gratitude. Our communion table was covered with food donations for First Step for Families.  In the last 6 weeks we have given with big, extravagant hearts to two hurricane relief efforts, and the wine country wildfire relief.  This kind of giving comes from us because it is a true joy to pour into the world all that God has entrusted to us to take care of.  We shared a bountiful lunch and great conversation with Rev. Diane.  Thank you, Diane, for the gift of your presence.  May we all take the message of joyful gratitude into our hearts and homes and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Blessings —    Pastor Carol

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