Pastor’s Notes

We had a spectacular first Sunday together – gorgeous weather and good spirits, familiar faces and new ones.  While I preached about both Jesus and Elisha being “on the brink” of great new things, and the very human fear as well as excitement that can go along with such situations … personally I had a great sense of possibility and promise during worship.  That carried over into the executive board meeting that followed, too. (Honestly, when a meeting can do that to you, you know it’s a good day!)

All of a sudden, I have a to-do list.  (I wonder if Jesus had a to-do list?)  We’ll try a few new things.  You may notice small changes in the arrangement of the worship space.  I’ll be planning for a Bible or book study to begin after Easter, so if you have hopes or suggestions for that, I do look forward to hearing from you.  In addition, I am working with the Finance Board on a theme for the season of stewardship.

I hope to see you this Wednesday evening, February 18, at 7pm in the sanctuary, for a brief and reflective Ash Wednesday service.  Let this season of Lent be a time of renewing and re-covenanting for our shared ministry.  Let us be re-dedicated in our commitment to be an Open and Affirming church, welcoming ALL to the community, the table, and the joyful, and questioning walk with God who is still speaking.

Peace and grace,
Pastor Carol

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