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I remember a long-ago advertisement for ketchup (or catsup, if you will).  It showed a child holding the bottle upside-down and waiting, for what seemed for-EVER, for the thick, rich sauce to reach the opening and plop out onto the burger.  In the background played an equally long-ago pop song by Carly Simon, “An-ti-ci-pa-tion ….” There’s a gospel version of “Anticipation,” too, which is quite different.  I have a feeling we have all been writing our own anticipation songs about the ministry to come.

The word “anticipation” has filled my heart and mind, and I am ready for us to connect and learn what the Holy Spirit has in store for us as we are church together.  I hope you are ready, too!  In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing some learning about how things work around IUC, nurturing our relationship with the pre-school, and most importantly of all, getting to know you better.

I hope you will seek me out, and share your hopes and dreams for the church, as well as the joys and concerns of your lives.  Together I know we can be a wonderful community.  For now, we get to jump right in and engage the season of Lent.  I’ll be writing more reflections about the season, and I hope you will take note of the Wednesday night Lenten series, rotating among our local UCC churches (details below).  We’ll begin Lent with a short Ash Wednesday service of reflection, prayer, and Taize music at 7pm on Wednesday, February 18 in the sanctuary.

Peace and grace,
Pastor Carol

Pastor's hour

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