Saints Alive

                                      -Everyday Saints, Katie Hall
We had a beautiful ofrenda (altar) for All Saints’ / Dia de los Muertos.  We had Rowe’s tasty Mexican pan dulce and chocolate skulls.  The saints were dancing!  Most importantly, we got to reflect on the true nature of being a saint, and who the saints have been in our own lives.
                            –Dancing Saints, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal, SF
We also recognized Martin Luther on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation – though he was far from saintly in the classic sense.  But we also know there are Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish saints, as well as saints of no religious tradition at all.  What is a saint but one who touches and changes another’s life,  sharing their gifts, and living fully with integrity?  Not someone who is perfect, pious or a miracle-worker, but who lives authentically as God created them, not more-than or less-than.
Saints are friends of God, and as we sang, “God helping, I hope to be one, too.”   In gratitude for you —
                                                   Pastor Carol

 –Ofrenda, photo by Lee Lamkin

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