Splashed by Joy

Years ago a friend of mind used that phrase, “splashed by joy,” in a poem she wrote to describe an experience of God.  It has stayed with me all this time.  But even people who claim not to believe in God experience joy, because it is something the human soul craves.  Joy has an irrational, almost inexplicable quality about it.  It is different from happiness which takes root, grows and sustains over a period of time.  Part of the walk, or the discipline, of the Advent season is an invitation to be vulnerable to joy.  To be vulnerable means to relinquish control which for some folks is scary, or at least uncomfortable.  So they resist.  But to be splashed by joy requires at least a willingness to be vulnerable – to the beauty of relationship, the beauty of this world, the beauty of what you cannot anticipate, the wonder of possibility where you thought there was none, and discouragement had taken over.  When you are splashed by joy, you may find yourself laughing, or singing a little more loudly even if you think you can’t sing a note, or heaven forbid – doing a few unpredictable things yourself!  As we await and anticipate the birth of Christ once more in our hearts, be ready to be splashed by joy.

 Peace and grace to you in all things –

Pastor Carol

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