I got a big surprise the other day.  A friend of mine, Carl Addison Swanson, who writes pulp fiction, told me that I was a character in his new book, who would make brief appearance toward the end of the story.  At first I was rather excited and pleased, but then knowing pulp fiction, (lotta killin’–lotta sex) I became a tad concerned… but then it is “fiction,” right?  In turn, I thought it only fair that I mention Carl, a self-declared atheist, in my Christian eNews article.

Carl and I grew up in Westport, CT, but were never really friends back then.  We were born the same year, went to the same church and high school, but never hung out in the same social circles.  He was more of a jock, and I did the music drama thing.  We had no opinion of each other either way.  We knew who each other were, but that was about it.  We did and still do know, however, many of the same people in our class, most of whom we now talk (gossip) about with great abandon.

We got reacquainted on Facebook where the Staples High School Class of 1966 has a page.  Over time, Carl’s and my posts reflected similar attitudes and opinions.  Though we never got together all the time I lived in New England and New York (he currently lives in Westport), twice now, I have made it a point to stop by for a visit when I journey back east from California.  Each visit with Carl and his partner, Jo Ann has proved to be the highlight of each trip.

Why am I writing about this?  I guess out of gratitude.  I am grateful for friendships, for people that care, for people who take an active interest in my wellbeing.  I see it as one of the most beautiful things about creation as it relates to human beings.  The command of “neighbor love” can really be a chore sometimes, challenging and stretching ones limits and patience to the nth degree.  Then there is the neighbor love that is so easy that its like putting on a pair of old slippers-–the grace-filled kind where an atheist and a Christian can write about each other motivated by mutual love and respect.

By the way, Carl’s book can be downloaded to you reader on Amazon: Killer Cookie Dough: Tug Thriller by Carl Addison Swanson.


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