The Flow of Music and Life

As part of our Easter season theme of Love, last Sunday we experienced God’s love in music – as an instrumental counterpoint to our beloved hymn sings. As the music flowed, we felt ourselves touched by the Holy Spirit and the miracle of creativity in the composers, and in the talented young musicians, Heather, Aaron, and Sarah, who played for us. Truly, God speaks to us in many languages – the wind in the trees, the splash of little waves on a lakeside beach, the happy cries of children playing, the voices of friends and loved ones, the intertwining of notes and rhythms.

God also speaks to us in the ebb and flow of our lives. Most of you last week received my letter indicating that Sunday, July 1 would be my last Sunday at Island. I have such a mix of emotions and I know you do, too. The Spirit simply led me forward, through the birth of a grandchild, and Kevin’s serious health challenge, and spoke out loud to me, “It’s time.” I expect to continue ministry activities in the Conference, mainly in social activism. There will be many opportunities – formal and informal – to talk, share, rejoice, and plan. We have much to do together in the coming weeks – Bible study, stewardship, worship and music, community outreach with our yoga and meditation group! Our Northern California Nevada Conference is ready to assist and support us with a loving and fruitful transition time, and I am preparing a succinct description of the interim process as it is generally undertaken. This is opportunity writ large for all of us! Let’s embrace it.

May you float on life’s river with joy,      – Pastor Carol

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