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Celebrating Epiphany

Last Sunday we continued our celebration of the Epiphany season with the passage that contains the first sermon Jesus preached, in his home town synagogue, in the presence of his parents. He lays out his platform, his own state of the union, if you will. This was Part One–the easier part.

In the liturgy we used some poetry by the late, great, American poet Mary Oliver, who died recently  Many people have found her writing to be a spiritual portal. In the United Church of Christ we are fond of saying “God Is Still Speaking” and Mary Oliver through her writing reminds us that God sill speaks in nature.

Next week we’ll hear the second half of his sermon–the one where he goes “from preaching to meddling,” as we used to say in the South.



February Black History Month
Feb 10   Rev. Dr. Justin Tanis, Pacific School of Religion, transgender theologian
Feb 17   Rev. Jim, Black History theme
Feb 24   Rev. Jim, Black History theme

March Lent Begins
Mar 3    The Feast of the Transfiguration, Communion
Mar 6    Ash Wednesday
Mar 10  The First Sunday in Lent, Rev. Sandhya Jha, Disciples Minister and Executive Director Oakland Peace Center

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