The Power of Simplicity

The sacraments of baptism and communion are the only two in which Jesus participated, and which he asked his followers (that would be us) to sustain. They are simple and powerful acts. We touch with water; we offer plain, staple nourishment. They are powerful revelations of God present in the human space, and in order to share them we have to draw physically near. They are actions of love and caring, of the compassion at the heart of both the Jesus message and Jesus’ very own experience of God. We tailor these actions to the moment. They need not be grandiose, or risky. They need not be complicated, expensive, self-inflating, or ritualistic. Sacraments are as small as offering water, bread, a hand up, a kind word, the silent look that says you matter; I need you to survive. Each one is a powerful epiphany, a manifestation of God’s Spirit in our lives. In reading about Jesus’ baptism, we thought about the meaning of our own baptisms, and what others see and experience of us.  Then we were blessed by a sprinkling of water throughout the congregation. (As if it were not raining hard enough outside!)

Be blessed, and be a blessing to all you meet,
Pastor Carol

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